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Our extensive experience as an Australian marketing agency makes us the top choice for your brand. Our marketing for small to medium businesses increases visibility, brings cohesion to your brand, and puts you in front of more potential customers.

Bob Croft

Director / Owner

Bob takes care of the client's strategy, from tiny details to enormous ideas. He works closely with our prospects, clients, and partners to produce high-quality work. He is an experienced marketer in the Asia Pacific region.

Mary Jaca

Customer Relationship Manager

Mary oversees clients' projects to make sure the execution meets the Return On Investment (ROI) as expected. She partners with clients to deliver the best campaign results.

Michael Furcciniti

Customer Relationship

Michael sits between clients and the delivery team to ensure all the work meets our timeline and is under the budget.

Muhammad Zubair

Customer Relationship Manager

Muhammad coordinates between clients' campaigns and EZMarketing's team. His role is to meet the client's deadline.

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