Australian Community Inspired Association Inc. - ACIA

The Australian Community Inspired Association Inc (ACIA) is a distinguished non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering social inclusion and enhancing the lives of seniors throughout Australia. With a resolute commitment to promoting inclusivity, ACIA strives to create a more compassionate and supportive society where individuals from all walks of life, especially seniors, can lead enriched and fulfilling lives.

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We believe brands shape the future

In a recent transformative journey, ACIA has undergone a comprehensive rebranding process to infuse new vitality and vibrancy into our organisation. Our rebranding efforts were rooted in the belief that a fresh visual identity can communicate our commitment to social inclusion and diversity even more powerfully. The centrepiece of this revitalisation is our new logo, meticulously designed to encapsulate the spirit of unity and inclusion. Through a dynamic interplay of diverse shapes and a spectrum of colours, the logo represents the rich tapestry of cultures and races that make up our Australian community. It stands as a symbol of our differences' inherent strength and beauty, aligning perfectly with ACIA's mission to create a harmonious and inclusive society where all individuals are celebrated for who they are. This dynamic rebranding is a testament to our forward-thinking approach and unwavering dedication to championing social inclusion and unity in Australia.

Our rebranding journey at ACIA signifies our renewed commitment to celebrating diversity and promoting social inclusion. The incorporation of various shapes and colours into our new logo serves as a visual testament to our belief in the strength that arises from embracing differences. It reflects our aspiration to create a more inclusive and harmonious society that values and welcomes individuals from all walks of life, regardless of race, culture, or background. Our reimagined brand identity is a vibrant symbol of unity and a reminder that at ACIA, we stand firmly for a more inclusive and diverse Australia.

To successfully convey the new service offering, we created a range of modular components for their portfolio, allowing for greater flexibility when displaying case studies and helping to showcase the individuality of each project.